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RopeLab Seattle

RopeLab Seattle is a collaborative rope bondage community for gay and bisexual men ropers to workshop and practice rope techniques with other experienced ropers.

Mission and Vision

  • Elevating male* rope bondage practitioners roping on the masculine form

  • Providing collaborative educational spaces for intermediate and advanced male* ropers, grounded in peer-learning and skill-share

  • Providing informal pedagogical experiences that decentralize "expertise" and invite ropers to develop their voice, skill sets, and identities as active riggers and rope educators


*RopeLab Seattle is intended to be a safe space for gay and bisexual men, including transmen and other male-presenting people.

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  • All participants must be 18 years or older, and identify as a gay or bisexual man, transman, or other male-presenting person.

  • RopeLab Seattle is intended as a space for intermediate and advanced ropers.  There is no evaluation or required proof of skill level.  We encourage you to join us after you've learned the basics.

  • The rope top is responsible bringing their own ropes/gear and for coordinating their own rope bottom.

  • Rope tops should wear comfortable flexible clothing, such as athletic wear.  Rope bottoms should wear snug fitting clothing, shorts, or underwear only (avoid loose or bulky clothing).

Schedule and Signup
  • Rope Lab Seattle is held once a month, usually the second Wednesday of the month, but this may vary.

  • Each RopeLab has a predetermined topic.  Past examples have includes chest harnesses, predicament, hands/feet ties, bamboo ties, leg ties, bondage for CBT, etc.

  • Only the rope top signs up.  The rope top is responsible for bringing their rope bottom.

  • Sessions are space-limited and usually cap at 10-14 pairs, depending on the space needed for the topic.

  • All participants must sign a digital liability waiver for each session.

  • All participants must pay the registration fee by the start of the session ($10 per person /$20 per pair, with optional +$5 donation per person, paid by Venmo on arrival).


Structure and Flow

  • Sessions usually last about 2-2.5 hours.

  • We start with introductions, followed by a 5-15 minute slideshow to inspire discussion and inquisitive/collaborate dialogue around the chosen topic.

  • This is followed by open workshop time.  Participants are encouraged to walk around, see what others are up to, ask questions, and show off their work.  The point is to learn from each other!

  • This is specifically not a play party.  While the venue does permit nudity (with towels/blankets on any surfaces touching bare butts or genitals), sex is not allowed at the venue.

  • Many participants go for food and drinks afterwards.



3100 Airport Way S.Seattle, WA 98134


June 12

6:30pm - 8:30pm


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